Gold trading code

Gold trading code

Zhao Xijun: It depends on what the people lack. What we lack is education, medical care, housing and other guarantees. The common people use their savings to speculate because they are worried aboutGold trading code what to do after retirement, what to do if they are sick, what to do if their children go to school, and what to do if they get married. If we solve these problems, the people will not be so keen on speculation.

With the arrival of the wedding peak season, the demand for gold will greatly increase, and the price of gold will rise sharply at the end of each year. The person in charge of a jewelry store near the City of Win said that the effect of the Fed’s QE3 policy makes it more likely that the dollar will continue to fall. This will push the price of gold to rise again. If you don’t buy it now, it will rise in the future.

Beijing News (Reporter Li Jing) On September 14, the market for gold jewelry appeared to be lowered for the 9th time this year. In Caibai, Gongmei, Guohua and other gold stores, the price of thousand pure gold jewelry was reduced by 10 yuan per gram to 335 yuan. The price of Thousand Pure Gold Jewelry in the Sun Gold Store has been adjusted to 333 yuan/g (member price is 328 yuan/g), which is a reduction of 10 yuan/g from before.

Zhaojin Futures believes that the Fed raised interest rates twice in December 2015 and the December meeting that has just passed. Although the European Central Bank has extended its bond purchase plan in 2017, the scale of bond purchases has been decreasing, showing a tendency to gradually slow down the pace of stimulus. Although the Bank of Japan maintained its ultra-loose policy unchanged at its December 2016 meeting, with the return of inflation and the impact of soaring monetary policy costs, it is expected that its monetary policy will not be further loosened. It is expected that 2017 will be the first year since 2006 that major industrialized countries in the world will not resort to large-scale monetary easing policies.

At present, the market generally believes that the Fed will not tighten interest rates again until April next year after raising interest rates for the first time in nearly 10 years last week. The slow pace of rate hikes is also reflected in exchange rate trends. The US dollar is still in a cyclical bull market, but with the normalization of monetary policy, it is expected that the US dollar's volatility will expand and the upward trend will be more moderate. Sam Tucker, senior foreign exchange strategist at ANZ Bank, said in the report.

Zhao Yao believes that for orGold trading codedinary investors, analyzing global economic trends and their impact on the price of gold is complicated and complex. He suggests that you can focus on several important indicators and grasp the general trend. First, you can pay attention to the GDP data of the United States, the Eurozone, and the United States. Specifically, the final GDP value of the fourth quarter of last year and the data of the first quarter of this year. If the economic growth of these countries and regions is not as fast as market expectations, it means the Federal Reserve Interest rate hikes will be postponed, and the European Central Bank and Central Bank will continue to expand easing or cut interest rates, which is a direct and continuous positive for gold prices. Second, you can pay attention to the 60-day moving average in the daily chart of the gold price, that is, MA60. Before the price drops below this position, it can be considered that the rebound in the price of gold this year has not ended. He advises investors not to pay too much attention to specific points. Buying and holding in the appropriate price range is a very good strategy. This price range can focus on $1160-1190 per ounce. If the price of gold falls back to near this range and there are signs of a stabilizing rebound, then you can consider allocating part of the assets to gold products.

The software he provided is actually just a fictitious simulation trading platform. Although the transaction process is basically the same as the actual gold investment, and the gold price fluctuation is also consistent with the world gold price trend, in fact, the profit and loss and the principal that customers see are only virtual currency , It is impossible to deliver. The police explained that all the funds invested by Ms. Lou went into the pockets of the crooks.

Therefore, for ordinary investors, there is still a lot of risk in chasing gold. It is recommended to operate cautiously. If you really want to allocate gold, you should also be careful not to invest all your funds in it. It is best to diversify your investment, such as deploying some mixed funds or a stable profit selection portfolio investment plan, to allocate assets reasonably and reduce risks.

The latest statistics from the Bureau of Statistics show that the mainland imported 42.9 tons of gold from the region in February this year, a significant increase from 17.6 tons in January. The mainland imported 55.1 tons of gold in February, while the amount of gold exported to the region was 12.2 tons. Although the import volume increased in February, this was the lowest import volume since 2012. In the first two months of this year, China's gold imports fell 56% year-on-year. Capital Economics economist Simona Gambarini said that the Spring Festival this year is in early February, and the price of gold continues to rise this year, which has affected the demand for gold. In addition, Swiss gold exports to the mainland fell to 27.2 tons in February, a significant drop from 43.4 tons in January. Gambarini said: Judging from the gold price premium in the market, the weakness in imports will continue until March. With the current price of gold starting to stabilize, imports will increase again in the next few months. Source media_span_url('')