Today's gold price 10k

Today's gold price 10k

As stated by Hedge Fund Manager Dan Tapiero, there have been serious rifts in the currenToday's gold price 10kcy and economic system, which should force investors to hold gold. Tapiero is particularly concerned that the debt crisis of European banks may spread to the global banking system, leading to another financial crisis.

Xinhuanet, March 25 (Reporters Du Fang, Huang Pengfei) my country is the world's largest gold producer and consumer, and gold investment is considered one of the lowest risk traditional financial management methods. However, a few days ago, in a case of illegal gold operation jointly investigated by the securities regulatory authorities in many places, a precious metals exchange that violated laws and regulations in terms of operating qualifications and investment methods has exposed nearly 40,000 investors in Fujian, Hebei, Hebei and other places. A situation of almost no return.

There has been another major breakthrough in geological prospecting in our province. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources and the Songxian Land and Resources Bureau that a large-scale gold deposit was discovered in Songxian County, Luoyang, with a gold content of nearly 40 tons, reaching the standard of a large-scale gold mine. Digging for 42 years. Song County is located in the southwest of Luoyang City, Henan Province. It is known as the back garden of the ancient capital Luoyang. It is the origin of the Huai River. The deep mountain area accounts for 95%, the shallow hilly area accounts for 4.5%, and the Pingchuan district accounts for 0.5%. Half-ridge and half-divided Sichuan. Surrounded by three mountains in the territory, Funiu, Xiong'er and outside, the three rivers of Yihe, Ruhe and Baihe flow into the Yellow River, Huaihe River and Yangtze River respectively. In addition to rich tourism resources, the county is also a rich place for polymetallic minerals. The discovery of a large gold mine this time was discovered by experts in the exploration breakthrough strategy of the Song County gold-molybdenum polymetallic mine integrated exploration project. The project was mainly undertaken by the Second Geological and Mineral Investigation Institute of the Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources. From 2009 to 2013, the project constructed a total of 168 boreholes, completed the drilling work volume of 82,100 meters, and had a total investment of nearly 150 million yuan. Good prospecting results have been achieved. According to Jia Songjun, the Geological Survey Section of the Song County Land and Resources Bureau, the gold mine was found in the mountainous area of ​​Dazhang Town on the west side of Song County, very close to the newly built Luoluan Expressway, named Huaishuping Mining Area. The gold deposits in the Huaishuping mining area have reached a large scale, and the gold deposits in the Dongwan mining area have reached a medium scale. The two mining areas can submit nearly 40 tons of gold metal. The expected service life after the completion of the mine is 42 years. It is understood that since May 2013, Song County has officially launched the scientific research work of the integrated exploration project. After the implementation of the project, it is expected to increase the amount of gold resources by 30-50 tons, which will lay the foundation for Song County to build a 100-ton gold resource development base and further improve Song County is moving towards the top of the country's key gold-producing counties. (Intern reporter Xu Fuying Cho Yong Ao) Author: Xu Fuying Cho Yong Ao media_span_url ( 'news.xinhuanet / fortune / 2014-02 / 13 / c_119310321.htm')

Profile picture. (Image and text irrelevant) Chow Tai Fook responded that the substandard has nothing to do with quality. Industry insiders accused it of underestimating the news from the newspaper. Yesterday, the report of the "Commercial Daily" caused a wave of waves. According to its report, the Bureau of Industry and Commerce of Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province conducts random inspections on gold jewellery within its jurisdiction, and 60% of the samples are unqualified; among them, well-known pearls

The demand has dropped significantly. Regarding the future gold demand in the market and the future development of the gold international board, China Business News recently interviewed Zheng Lianghao, managing director of the Far East of the World Gold Council. CBN Daily: How do you see the impact of the gold international board on the gold market? Zheng Lianghao: The launch of the gold international board marks a major change in the gold market. It is not only a part of the global trading market, but also a new world model. In this integrated multi-polar model, the gold exchange Will become a leading physical trading center. Gold trading has developed for 12 years and has become the world's largest physical gold exchange. This makes us realize that the future trend of the gold market will be entity-oriented. As the eastward movement of West Gold continues, the expansion of major gold trading hubs in Asia will further promote price discovery, liquidity, transparency and efficiency in the regional market. As a major gold country occupying 30% of the global volume, it will also play an increasingly important role in the world gold market. Daily: Since the beginning of this year, the demand for gold has declined significantly. Are you optimistic about the demand for gold in the next few years? Zheng Lianghao: The gold market has grown exponentially in the past decade, and the supply and demand of gold are currently the largest in the world. Rapid economic development, coupled with the acceleration of financial reforms, have provided a solid foundation for the internationalization of the gold market. At the same time, the deep-rooted culture of love for gold will continue to generate demand for gold. The demand for gold is expected to increase by 20% in the next three years, and economic growth maintained at 7.5% of annual GDP, the rise of the middle class, rapid urbanization, and effective policy support are all key factors driving demand. Daily: The Gold International Board has launched three gold products that are traded and settled in RMB. What do you think of the relationship between the Gold International Board and RMB internationalization? Zheng Lianghao: Although there is no exact schedule for the realization of RMB fully convertible, as the first financial product facing the global market, the gold products denominated in RMB provided by the Gold International Board will undoubtedly promote the process of RMB internationalization. . When the RMB plays a more important role as an international currency, it will also promote the discovery of gold prices and increase market efficiency, benefiting the local gold market. For any currency to be fully convertible, it must have two supporting elements-the central bank's currency and foreign exchange supervision on its financial market and the structural adjustment of the real economy. A balanced development between the two is essential to promote the realization of full convertibility of the currency. The establishment of an international gold trading hub in the free trade zone can be said to be a revolutionary step, because when the physical transaction of gold is denominated in RMB, and the RMB pricing can have an important or dominant impact on the local gold price, it will It will greatly promote the recognition of the renminbi on a global scale. In addition, this also provides a test platform for the government to test the convertibility and liquidity of the RMB in the region by linking trade transactions with a global currency; gold is the world’s most liquid transaction. Commodities have also become the world's largest producer and consumer of gold. International investors and industry participants will be able to use offshore RMB to trade gold in this global trading center. Relying on the gold exchange, the world's largest physical gold exchange, the gold international board will play a vital role in the ultimate realization of the full convertibility of the RMB. The Gold International Board will allow international investors to fully participate in renminbi-led gold trading. The transaction of gold as a highly liquid commodity will also increase the flow and circulation of RMB within the free trade zone and offshore. Daily: As far as the gold market is concerned, how do you view the development prospects of gold compared to other international markets? Zheng Lianghao: We also need to see that there is still a big gap with London and New York. After all, markets like London have developed for more than 100 years. It has only been a short period of twelve years for the market to develop from scratch. I think it will develop slowly in the future. The launch of the gold international board is the first step to create a new world model. Whether gold will eventually become the benchmark for global gold prices depends on its future influence, including the number and level of participants, market maturity, and trading volume on the platform. In addition, the gold international board is a bold and forward-looking development, marking a higher level of the gold market. Perhaps for stakeholders in the global market, it takes a painful period to change their previous trading rules to get used to a new paradigm, but when the market keeps moving eastward, they will eventually make adjustments. The rapid development of the economy and its deepening financial reforms have provided a solid foundation for the internationalization of the gold market. 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The non-agricultural data last Friday (May 6) gave some support to the already weak gold market. After the weak performance of non-agricultural data, the US dollar fell against the euro, and analysts believe that the US dollar and the stock market will continue to be the main impact on the gold market. MKS trading director AfshinNabavi said: After the non-agricultural data, the US dollar will continue to be under pressure. Data released by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) on Friday showed that the non-agricultural employment population in the United States increased by only 160,000 in April, the lowest growth rate since September 2015, far less than the market’s expected increase of 200,000, and the unemployment rate remained unchanged. Stable at 5.0%. The data also shows that the labor participation rate in the United States fell to 62.8% inToday's gold price 10k April, and the monthly average hourly wage rate climbed 0.3%; the annual rate increased by 2.5%; full-time employees, business, health care, and financial jobs increased in April. Jobs in the mining industry continue to decrease. Nabavi said: I don't think the Fed can raise interest rates in a short period of time. Therefore, the price of gold will eventually exceed the level of $1,300 per ounce. Source media_span_url('')

Among them, the products launched by a joint-stock bank require investors to purchase by way of advance payment at the branch counter. Investors fill in and sign the product pre-sale business application form, confirm the product specifications and the due date of delivery, and then they can invest in gold bars according to the standard integer specifications Payment at the price of, get investment gold bars with a weight higher than the standard integer gram on the due date of delivery.

According to the public information of the Shanghai Financial Exchange, the exchange adopts a membership organization form, and members can directly participate in transactions, and customers must open accounts through members and participate in transactions as agents. Customers are divided into institutional customers and individual customers. At present, institutional clients can choose comprehensive members or financial members of the exchange as their agency to open trading accounts on the gold exchange.

Lao Fengxiang has a store in Nanchang. Is it also suspected of manipulating gold prices? If prices are not uniform, it is difficult to achieve monopoly. Jiang Rushi said. It is understood that the Jiangxi Jewelry Association currently has more than 600 members, including more than 400 groups, and more than 200 individual members composed of gold lovers and collectors. There are many companies in Nanchang selling gold, and there are many from Guangdong, Many large companies, or even multiple brands in a store, compete with each other and restrict each other, which weakens each other’s strength and makes it difficult to achieve monopoly.