Gold transaction rate

Gold transaction rate

InvesGold transaction ratetment risk management is not only about buying risk-free/low-risk assets, but about rationally diversifying investments and holding products with different risk types in proportion. Remember that sentence? Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Although old-fashioned, it will last forever and is still useful.

Yuan per gram closed at 273.59 yuan per gram, the highest closing price since August. Relevant analysts said that at present, it seems that the momentum for gold to return to the bull market is not enough, but because of the approach of the wedding gold jewelry sales season, gold will continue to rise. Gold prices ushered in the biggest weekly gain since June. Last Friday, the US stock market fell for the third consecutive day, which was also the second consecutive week of decline. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 2.23%, the biggest weekly drop since June last year. Although all parties in the market are divided on when the Fed will begin to withdraw from the QE policy, it is an indisputable fact that the prospects for US interest rates tend to rise. After the U.S. stock market rose in turn, it lost further upward momentum, and the expectation that liquidity was about to tighten forced investors to take profit, and some funds returned to the gold market. According to data released by the United States Commodity Trading Commission (CFTC), last week the increase in silver positions was quite obvious, and the net long position almost tripled, indicating that as the price of precious metals rose, interest in long positions also increased. The International Gold Council said that both India and India's gold consumer demand are expected to hit the 1,000-ton mark this year. As of August 16, the world's largest listed gold trading fund SPDRGoldTrust's gold holdings increased by 2.4 tons compared to the previous trading day to 915.32 tons, while the largest silver listed trading fund iSharesSilverTrust's silver holdings remained at 10,525.71 tons over the same period. constant. On the whole, the positive force of gold prices last week was far greater than the negative force, so there was a rapid rise in the market. The domestic gold ETF hit a new high since its listing. Affected by the rise in international gold prices, the domestic gold ETF listed for trading at the end of July also performed well. Yesterday, Cathay Pacific Gold ETF and Huaan Yifu Gold ETF rose by 0.70% and 0.92%, respectively, to close at 2.738 yuan and 2.737 yuan, and the closing prices both hit new highs since listing. In the first half of this year, the domestic gold ETF, which was born under the background of the sharp decline in gold, was considered by many insiders to be untimely, but so far, it seems to have deviated from the original judgment. The opening prices of the two gold ETFs when they were listed on July 29 were 2.633 yuan and 2.630 yuan, respectively. If investors bought and held them at the opening prices on the first day of listing, there would have been a slight floating profit. Publicly disclosed data shows that as of August 15, the fund return rate of the Huaan Gold ETF since its establishment was 0.86%, and that of the Cathay Pacific Gold ETF was 1.05%. Analysts believe that this may be related to the rapid establishment of positions in gold ETFs and the upward breakthrough of resistance in international gold prices. It is understood that the two gold ETF funds currently issued in the market all use physical gold as the investment target. In mature European and American markets, gold ETFs are a major choice for ordinary people to participate in gold investment. Such funds generally have the advantages of professionalism and specialization, and the threshold for investor participation is lower, similar to investing in ordinary stocks. The transaction is simple, the handling fee is almost one-tenth of the purchase of physical gold, and the cost is low. Industry insiders believe that as long as the gold market does not continue to weaken, these two ETFs still have great potential, because their listing time is exactly the low point of the gold price. Consumption peak season ushered in a rebound in gold prices. Under the current trend, are investors ready to move? Gold sales staff told reporters that they currently have sufficient supply of investment gold bars. Except for 10 grams and 100 grams that need to be ordered, the other types are available in stock. Recently, there are quite a lot of people buying gold bars. Many investors have a mindset of buying up and not buying down. They were waiting and watching when they fell before, but now they are selling when they rise, but now the sales are stable and everyone is buying more rationally. Not as crazy as it was in April. September and October are peak wedding seasons, so the consumer demand for gold jewelry will be relatively strong after August. The popularity in the gold counter seems to confirm this golden rule. Yesterday, the staff at the Lao Fengxiang counter told reporters that their wedding series of gold jewelry sold very well, and several sets had been sold over the weekend. In Jiangsu and Zhejiang, people usually buy jewelry worth 10,000 to 30,000 yuan for marriage. Because gold is very hot this year, it is said that it can maintain its value, so many people buy gold jewelry. Before the price of gold was low, people who bought it hesitated, fearing that it would fall after buying it. Now that the price has risen, some people can't wait anymore and hurriedly bought it. However, Weixin chief analyst Yang Yijun said that although gold and silver have rebounded sharply in the past week, and August and September are traditional peak seasons, investors are not recommended to continue to chase the rise, and the medium-term gold price will be adjusted repeatedly. Xiao Lei, a senior researcher at Shiyuan Gold, said that the international gold price dropped from 1,600 US dollars per ounce to 1,200 US dollars per ounce for two years, and it took a long time to repair this part of the plunge. However, the trend of this round of rebound is not over yet. In the next one to two years, the price of gold will fluctuate around the range of US$1300-1500 per ounce. It is basically impossible to return to the bull market from 2002 to 2012, but as gold is about to enter its peak season, the price of gold is expected to rise above US$1,400 per ounce in the short term. ("Securities Times" News Center) (Source: "Securities Times") media_span_url('kuaixun.stcn/2013/0820/10688772.shtml')

After handing over the gold to the Japanese, Petrov came several times and opened a photo studio there. In 1932, the Soviet government approached Petrov and asked him to go to Japan to recover the gold by legal means. Subsequently, Petrov came to Yokohama, Japan. What is strange is that it is not only the Soviet government that finances Petrov, but also the young Japanese military officers, who may want to get a share of the money to get the funds needed for future coups.

Ming Fu Financial Research Institute believes that the recent overall weakness in US economic data, especially the shrinking manufacturing industry, and inflation data remain low, the market generally expects that the Fed will slow down the process of raising interest rates, suppress the US dollar index, and push up the price of gold. A large amount of funds flowed into the gold market in January, and gold investment demand showed signs of improvement. The gold price is expected to fluctuate and strengthen next week. Technically, the daily chart moving average system maintains a long arrangement, which has formed a volatile upward channel. Investors can seize the opportunity to do more on dips. The price of silver remained volatile this week, but the upward trend is good. On the daily chart, the MACD indicator fast and slow lines are flat above the zero axis, the red kinetic energy column weakens, and the upward momentum of silver has weakened. Mingfu Financial Research Institute believes that silver is above an important support level, and the market outlook is expected to continue to fluctuate upward. Investors can seize the opportunity to do more on bargain prices.

He pointed out that if the range bottom support 1314.80 falls, it will release a short-term bearish signal, and the next support is at the 100-day moving average 1301.70. If the range bottom support at 1314.80 is maintained, it will release a short-term bullish signal, and the next target is at the 20-day moving average at 1346.60.

Compared with April 2013, the aunts' vision is not very bright, and they have lost about 30%. But Zhou Zhicheng comforted and said that theGold transaction rate aunts don't have to be sad. At that time, most of them bought gold bars or large grams of gold jewelry. As long as they kept holding them in their hands and didn't sell them, no real losses would occur. If you can take 20 or 30 years patiently, the profit will be considerable.

Wang Xuetao also reminded that diamonds are different from gold and silver, and their liquidity is relatively poor. If merchants dealing in gold and silver want to switch and lower the price a little, they can transfer their inventory to other merchants. Diamonds are more like emeralds. When assets need to be realized, they need to be sold at a very low discount before they can be sold to peers. This is also a big risk.

my country's gold production is increasing year by year. In 2012, my country's gold production reached 403 tons, an increase of 11.66% over the previous year, ranking first in the world for the sixth consecutive year. Du Haiqing said that from January to August 2013, the country produced a total of 270 tons of gold, and it is expected that this year's gold production will reach about 430 tons, a record high.