Easy foreign exchange gold trading

Easy foreign exchange gold trading

According to foreign media reports, after the French Societe Generale, Scotia Bank, HSBC Holdings, UBS and Barclays confirmed to participate in the gold fixing mechanism, the new gold electronic pricing mechanism has added a new member-Goldman Sachs. On behalf of the London Bullion Market Association, the Intercontinental Exchange (Easy foreign exchange gold tradingICE) appointed Goldman Sachs as the sixth bank to participate in LBMA gold pricing. Goldman Sachs will cooperate with Societe Generale, Scotia Bank,

The number of non-agricultural employment in the United States increased by 252,000 in December and is expected to increase by 240,000. The previous value increased by 321,000; the unemployment rate in the United States fell to 5.6% in December, the lowest level since June 2008, and is expected to be 5.7%. The value is 5.8%. The US Department of Labor also revised up the number of non-agricultural employment in November to an increase of 353,000.

Li Jie, an analyst at China Financial Futures, said: Be cautious about the trend of crude oil in the third quarter. If there is a relatively good low, it is recommended that light warehouses intervene. However, Iran’s production may continue to increase, and the relative increase in oil prices will slow down the progress of shale oil production reduction. Crude oil will encounter significant pressure near US$55-60 per barrel. On the other hand, if there is a relatively high price in August, then the US shale oil production may recover, and Nigeria’s supply cut may also recover. The crude oil during the autumn maintenance period of the refinery is generally not optimistic.

Wenzhou aunts like Ms. Nan and Aunt Lin seem to have a particularly strong golden complex on them. Financial managers of some banks said that the price of gold continued to fall, and the behavior of aunts buying gold has stalled. Coupled with the lessons of being locked up before, there have been few aunts recently. Although there are not many people buying, there are still many customers who require gold bars to be picked up. Older customers prefer physical objects and feel more at ease with the numbers in the card. However, due to the previous gold rush, I am afraid that I will have to line up until after October if I want to pick up gold bars.

Although the logo has changed, it has no effect on the quality of the pure gold jewelry purchased by the public. Although 999 gold and 99 gold are collectively referred to as pure gold, merchants will still identify them. Zhu Zhigang said that the label change will not affect downstream prices, after all, retailers will absorb this part of the cost.

Since the Fed raised interest rates for the first time in mid-December last year, international gold prices have shown a bottom-line volatility pattern. In December last year, the internatEasy foreign exchange gold tradingional gold price fluctuated around US$1,060 per ounce for a month, and it has gradually increased since 2016. Driven by the impact of external markets, domestic gold prices have increased significantly since the New Year. As of the close of trading on February 4, domestic spot gold closed at 241.79 yuan per gram, while the price on January 4 was 224.79 yuan per gram.

In May, Ms. Wang, who had just made some money in business, broke into the gold market with her friends. However, in the past year and a half, Ms. Wang did not look forward to the opportunity to sell. Although the numbers recorded in the memo have risen and fallen, the decline is a trend. What matches her memo is the trend of international gold prices this year. Judging from the trend chart, on April 30 last year, international gold opened at US$1,595.95 per ounce, and reached a maximum of US$1603.36 per ounce that day. Although this figure has fallen by more than $90 since January of that year, it is much higher than the gold price for the whole year of this year. As of September this year, the international gold price has broken through the four integer thresholds of 1600, 1500, 1400, and 1300. During the 11th Golden Week, it once fell below $1200. The bottom hunter still failed to recoup the cost. Looking at the successive decline in the price of gold, Ms. Wang, who wanted to make a profit as an investment, was a little disappointed. After experiencing the losses caused to herself by the drop in gold prices last year, she also intends to hunt down the bottom. Ms. Wang's second shot was during Golden Week this year. During the Golden Week, with the decline in international gold prices, the gold base gold price also reached about 235 yuan/gram. This year, I rarely saw gold prices so low, so I bought 1,000 grams and invested more than 230,000 yuan. Fortunately, after experiencing this year's low, the international gold price began to rebound slightly, reaching around US$1,237 per ounce recently, and the base gold price of CICC Gold also reached RMB 245.3 per gram. According to this figure, Ms. Wang made 9,000 yuan in the past half month. However, she lost 27,000 yuan for the 400 grams (8 taels) of gold she bought in April last year. Comparing the two, Ms. Wang still lost nearly 20,000 yuan. The higher odds also brought the downturn of investment gold bullion in the gold market. In order to attract customers to invest in gold bullion, gold shops have also begun to adopt methods such as exemptions and lower handling fees. For the recent decline and rebound in international gold prices, industry insiders generally attribute the cause to news such as US economic data. Click to enter [Share Friends Association] to participate in the discussion

Compared with other varieties, the overnight risk of gold and silver in the domestic market is greater. Ren Yixin, an analyst at Haitong Futures, believes that domestic night trading covers the main volatile periods of European and American market trading. Investors can immediately adjust positions and funds for large fluctuations in the market at night, reducing investors’ uncertainty and avoiding risks. The domestic market will be released after the market opens on the next trading day.