Platinum price

Platinum price

The Chicago Board of Trade was the largest futures exchange in the world at the time. Many well-known robber traders speculated in its trading pool. The most well-known speculation methods were hoarding and short-selling attacks. The so-called hoarding is to hoard a large amount of spot and buy futures contracts at the same time, so that the short futures can not find enough spot to deliver, so they have to admit compensation and bear huge losses; the so-called short-sale attack is to sell a large amount with huge financial resources Futures contracts have caused the prices of futures to continue to fall, making the longs in the futures unable to withstand losses, and they are forced to admit loss. Hoarding is used to combat shorts, and short-selling attacks are used to combat loPlatinum pricengs. No matter which method, they are trying to create huge price fluctuations in a short period of time, causing a serious deviation between the futures price of a commodity and the intrinsic value in order to make huge profits.

Chinese Valentine's Day is approaching, and many citizens have plans to buy gifts for their loved ones. Many of them have a soft spot for gold jewelry. In addition to its good meaning, its price is much cheaper than last year. Of course, many citizens still maintain a wait-and-see attitude, expecting the price of gold to plunge again. To this end, the reporter visited many stores and gold shops to provide some references for readers and friends in their recent gold jewelry purchases. The price of gold has shrunk and the sales have increased greatly. It is not difficult to see how hot gold jewelry is this year from the hotly discussed aunts in various media. The reporter visited the Minsheng Department Store, Kaiyuan Mall and other department stores and East Street Tianshiyuan and other gold stores and learned that since mid-April this year, the gold sales of various merchants have increased slightly year-on-year to varying degrees. During the interview, many brand staff told reporters that the value of physical gold has shrunk due to various factors such as the downturn in international gold prices. Guangdong, a major gold and jewelry processing province in the country, has even shrunk its total value by nearly 11 billion yuan. Affected by factors such as inventory rate, this situation also has varying degrees of impact on the main gold and jewelry companies in the western region. But the opposite is the significant increase in sales. Sales staff in various stores said that, except for the gold rush during the previous decline, the sales in these two months have also increased a lot year-on-year. With the Qixi Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, With the arrival of the first-class traditional promotion node, the sales of gold are also promising. The subsequent fluctuations are difficult to predict. In fact, as early as April 15th and 16th this year, the price of gold has been in a downward phase. According to industry insiders, the price of gold products reached the highest point in late August 2011, and the price of raw materials has continued to decline since then. In this year, the price dropped to nearly 300 yuan, and many people believed that the price bottomed out. In May, there was a slight decline, bringing the retail price back to the second era. After experiencing such price fluctuations, many citizens have also maintained a wait-and-see attitude when buying gold. In front of the Chow Tai Fook counter of Intime Department Store, the reporter randomly interviewed Liu Xianshi, a citizen who was being selected. He said that he wanted to choose a favorite product to give to his girlfriend when the Chinese Valentine's Day arrived. Recently, he also compared several stores and brands. Know if the price will be cheaper. For such a phenomenon, some people in the industry said that the price of gold is affected by various factors such as the dollar exchange rate, currency policies of various countries, and other emergencies. It is difficult for even professionals to accurately predict the trend of gold prices. Investment and purchase need to be rational. The reporter learned in the interview that as one of the more popular investment products in recent years, the attention of gold investment has continued to rise, and it has also attracted many citizens to invest in their own form. In this regard, industry insiders said that as an investment, there are more in the south and relatively less in the northwest. However, due to the lack of personal knowledge of gold investment operations and the high level of skills required, it is not recommended that individuals invest in large quantities. Regarding this phenomenon, Yang Jun, chairman of Tianshiyuan Industrial Development Company, said that the fluctuation of gold prices has always existed in recent years. And this price is a combination of various factors such as the international economic situation to determine the rise or fall. According to the sales situation in recent years, the consumption of gold jewelry has become one of the regular consumer goods, not just for weddings. As ordinary people, when buying, it is mainly based on their own consumption ability as a normal life demand product. When making a choice, don't use the rise or fall of the price as a deciding factor in whether to buy or not. Gold consumption still needs to maintain a calm mind. (Source: Xi'an Daily) media_span_url('')

Global geopolitical tensions may escalate, which will create market demand for gold. From the perspective of historical evidence, gold price trends are usually more prominent when geopolitical tensions, rising inflation and uncertain economic growth. At present, all these factors are good for gold's short-term and long-term trend prospects.

The dollar index fell slightly below the 99 mark, dragged down by lower oil prices and the stock market, and overall market trading was thin. The current market focus shifts to Friday's US non-agricultural employment data. Based on the median estimate of 108 economists surveyed, the employment report released on Friday will show that employers added 190,000 jobs in January.

On Wednesday (May 25), gold continued its previous decline and fell to a low in more than 5 weeks. Nevertheless, a well-known Wall Street analyst said that the decline is a good buying opportunity, and the bears misread the market information. This is just the beginning of a new bull market in the gold market, Peter Boockvar, chief market analyst at Lindsey Group, said in an interview with CNBC on Tuesday. Boockvar believes that gold will eventually not only reach the level near the 2011 high of $1,900 per ounce, but will also exceed this level. From the historical perspective, the new bull market will often exceed the previous bull market at a certain point. Peak. In Boockvar's view, it is only a matter of time. If you are short on gold, you must believe that the Fed will raise interest rates by 100 to 200 basis points in the next few years. I think this is totally unrealistic. Boockvar pointed out that for those who have not yet entered the gold market, the current is an ideal. Opportunity. Citing the Relative Strength Index, Boockvar pointed out that the oversold level of gold reached its highest level since mid-December. He also added that the global interest rate situation has made trillions of dollars worth of sovereign bond yields negative. Coupled with the increase in Fed interest rates, this development theoretically provides a positive outlook for gold investors. Gold is currently in its longest losing streak since November 2015. In addition, Boockvar also talked about the situation in which the Federal Reserve raised the federal funds rate from 1% to 5% from 2000 to mid-2010. During this period, gold soared from US$400/ounce to US$700/ounce. He also pointed out that the Governor of the Bank of Japan Haruhiko Kuroda introduced negative interest rates in early 2016. However, this move failed to help the country achieve exchange rate stability. Market actions are contrary to expectations. Boockvar pointed out that this is the beginning of the end of the central bank's influence on the market. This was a major factor in the gold bear market that began in 2011: the fascination with central banks, especially the Federal Reserve. Boockvar believes that the current concept has changed a lot. The increasing possibility of interest rate hikes should be an obvious technical sign. Boockvar pointed out that I do not believe that the US dollar will rise as interest rates rise again, so I am still optimistic about the performance of gold and silver and other commodities. Source media_span_url('')

In summary, the two analysts believe that there is still strong resistance above gold at present, and the fundamentals do not support gold to continue to rise, technically falling below the trend line support may be the beginning of a sharp decline, therefore, the price of gold may fall to 1000- 1050 US dollars / ounce. (Source: CharPlatinum pricetist)

The popularity of sales is related to the promotion of major shopping malls, and the promotion of major shopping malls may be related to the change of the new purity expression method. On the eve of the Spring Festival this year, the National Standardization Administration announced the amendment No. 1 of GB11887-2012 "Regulations and naming methods for the purity of precious metals in jewelry", which will be implemented on May 4, 2016. Thousands of pure gold, thousand of platinum, and thousand of pure gold have been deleted from the amendment. Silver and other purity identification methods and related content; the new standard stipulates that full (gold, platinum, palladium, silver) is the highest purity of jewelry products. This means that the thousand pure gold was cancelled 14 years after entering the national standard.

If the gold ETF is at a discount, investors can buy the gold ETF in the secondary market and then apply to the fund company for redemption. This is a discount arbitrage; if the gold ETF has a premium, the shares of the gold ETF purchased on T day are T+2 days Only by holding a certain share of gold ETF in advance can investors enter the secondary market and make a profit. In other words, only by having a bottom position can we better seize such speculative arbitrage opportunities.

In the context of the Fed's intention to withdraw from quantitative easing, the price of gold has plummeted again, which obviously caused some embarrassment for the gold ETFs issued by Huaan and Cathay Pacific this week. However, both fund companies have attached great importance to this research and development, research and development for three or four years, cross-market, cross-regulation, cross-system major innovation varieties. Jin Xu, general manager of Cathay Pacific Fund said