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The US Department of Commerce announced last Wednesday (October 19) that the total number of new housing starts in the US in September was the lowest since March 2015. Data show that the United States in September new housing starts (annualized monthly rate) fell by 9.0%; the previous value was -5.8%, expected to be 2.5%; the total number of construction permits in the United States in September was 1.225 million, which was lower than the previous value of 1.142 million; The total number of new housing sAmo Gold Trading Companytarts in the United States in September was 1.047 million, which was lower than the 1.142 million in August.

However, the US election as an important political event has a more obvious impact on market risk aversion. As the Director of the FBI said on Friday, it will investigate more emails sent by US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton using a private mail server to determine whether these emails contain secret information. Therefore, if the result of the general election is unexpected, it will still make investors panic, and the price of gold is more likely to rise.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the sales of gold jewelry ushered in a small peak. The reporter visited a number of gold jewelry stores or gold counters in shopping malls and learned that although the price of gold jewelry during the Mid-Autumn Festival this year has dropped by 10 to 30 yuan per gram from before the holiday, the traffic received by merchants has increased by 50% compared to usual , And the recent sales of wedding gold jewelry such as dragon and phoenix bracelets, rings and sets of chains have increased by 20%-30% month-on-month.

Chinese Commercial Daily News (Reporter Xie Chen and intern Zheng Luyao) At 341 yuan per gram, gold has risen slightly. Yesterday afternoon, on the first floor of Hangzhou Department Store, a young couple pushed a stroller and parked in front of the old Fengxiang gold counter. The new mother said that they planned to pick a gold bracelet for the baby in the past two days. Decrease, as a result, each gram has increased more than the day before

Due to developments in both Ukraine and Iraq, the U.S. dollar fell, and a large number of short-term stops were driven by safe-haven demand. On Thursday (June 19), the price of gold soared by more than $40, an increase of more than 3%, to above $1320 per ounce. After the Asian market opened on Friday (June 20), the price of gold fell slightly, fluctuating around $1,318 per ounce. After rising to an area of ​​$1,320 per ounce, the price of gold is currently at its highest level in more than two months. Similar to the skyrocketing gold price, silver prices also surged 5% on Thursday. RJOBrien's senior commodity broker Phillip Streible said: The Fed’s statement and geographical disputes have reversed market sentiment, and now investors’ attitudes towards gold are bullish rather than bearish. The resolution after the Fed meeting on Wednesday reduced the size of monthly debt purchases by another US$10 billion to US$35 billion a month. At the same time, the US Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) also decided to maintain the federal funds rate unchanged at 0-0.25%. After the resolution was issued, the price of gold, which had fallen on Wednesday, rebounded. On Thursday, the Asian gold price continued to fluctuate in a narrow range below 1280. During the European time, the price of gold gradually fluctuated and rose, and at the end of the time, it suddenly rose by US$20 and reached the level of nearly US$1,300. During the New York session, the gains were further expanded and the two-month high of $1321.70 per ounce was refreshed. Analysts believe that technical buying has pushed the price of gold past the resistance level of $1,285 per ounce, which is the key Fibonacci retracement point and is the 50-day and 100-day moving average level. After the price of gold broke through the level of $1,305 per ounce, a large number of short stop losses were triggered and the price of gold rose further. Traders believe that the Fed’s downward adjustment of its 2014 US economic growth forecast and the geographic dispute between Iraq and Ukraine have caused investors’ attitudes towards gold to change. NATO Secretary-General Rasmussen revealed on Thursday that at least thousands of Russian soldiers have regrouped on the Russian-Ukrainian border to conduct military exercises. This is a very regrettable setback. On the same day, the Ukrainian military stated that over 4,000 armed separatists and the Ukrainian army had a fierce battle in the early morning local time, and the two sides used armored vehicles. SPDR gold ETF holdings remain at 782.62 tons.

Information Times (Reporter Xu Lan) Although the stock market's performance at the beginning of 2014 made investors quite depressed, the aunts who bought gold on New Year's Day were very happy. Since the beginning of this year, the international gold price has risen by a maximum of nearly 5%, rebounding from the lowest level in 2013 to 1,250 US dollars. The rebound of gold prices coincided with the approaching of the Lunar New Year of the Horse. New Year's precious metals related to the Year of the Horse have also appeared one after another, triggering a boom in precious metals investment in the market. In order to get a share of the investment market at the end of the year, major banks and gold shops have launched their own products such as gold bars for the Year of the Horse, silver bars, double-horse New Year's Eve money and commemorative coins for the Year of the Horse zodiac to attract the public's attention. It seems that gold has become the most sought-after New Year's gift. There are not only legendary aunts but also newly emerging uncles who buy gold. According to the 2013 consumption data released by on Monday, the average amount of gold purchased by aunts among registered users of reached 219 grams, 1.3 times the average; however, the average purchase of 311 grams of gold per capita continued to exceed the purchases of ordinary consumers by 1.8 times. , Disdainful aunt. Institutions poured cold water and said that the gains could not be sustained by Goldman Sachs: At the end of the year or a further sharp decline, when the aunts were excited about their accurate bottom hunting and even prepared to continue their efforts, the institutions began to pour cold water. Jeffrey Currie, the head of the commodities department of Goldman Sachs Group, recently commented that there is bad news for the gold market. Not only can gold fail to hold the upward trend at the beginning of this year, but it may further decline sharply by the end of this year. Currie said that by the end of this year, the gold price target is expected to be $1050 per ounce, which is about 16% lower than the current price. The main culprit for the decline in gold prices is the economic recovery. He believes that the main role of gold is to fight inflation. Once the economic recovery speeds up, inflation will follow, and gold will once again become very attractive. However, this wave of gold rally in early 2014 will not last long, because significant inflationary pressures are not expected to appear in the next few years. HSBC Bank: The rise in gold prices is limited and HSBC Bank is also pouring cold water. HSBC believes that the reduction of quantitative easing in the United States and the strengthening of the dollar will create an environment that makes gold prices low in the first quarter of 2014. In the absence of special investor interest, the rise in gold prices is limited. If the Fed continues to reduce the scale of bond purchases, it will be difficult for the gold market to attract investor interest. The expectation of the Fed's reduction has caused many people to withdraw from the gold market, and Amo Gold Trading Companyfurther reduction will have a negative impact on the second round of gold prices. However, HSBC also stated that the price of gold is not entirely determined by the direction of the U.S. dollar and Fed policy. Tight supply and strong physical demand will also boost the price of gold later this year. It is expected that the price of gold will be between 1390 and 1105 US dollars per ounce this year. Within range. Viewpoint: The gold journey to Europe and America has supported the price of gold. Many opinions believe that the gold journey from Europe and America has supported the price of gold in the past year. According to Xinhua News Agency, the volume of gold imports from Switzerland from January to October 2013 was 793 tons, a significant increase from 131 tons in the same period last year. Switzerland's imports from the United Kingdom totaled 1,141 tons from January to September of the same year, which has expanded to 13 times that of the same period last year. At the same time, the total amount of gold flowing into the mainland from January to October 2013 reached 1,263 tons, which was twice the amount of the same period of the previous year and exceeded the whole of 2012. And minus the amount of gold flowing from the mainland, the gold flowing from the mainland reached 2.5 times that of the same period last year. However, there are also certain differences in the expectations of the current institutions for demand. Can the aunts successfully solve the problem this year? Perhaps one of the most interesting topics in the market in 2014.

China News Service, Guangzhou, June 23 (Liu Ye) The sharp drop in the price of gold in April this year attracted aunts to buy gold. However, the price of gold fell again recently but failed to trigger market expectations. The reporter visited the Guangzhou gold market on the 23rd and learned that although the local welcome There is a new round of gold sales peak, but Guangzhou Aunt seems quite calm. The price of gold in major shopping malls in Guangzhou has dropped to 349 yuan per gram on the 23rd. On the most prosperous pedestrian street, the gold counters of many jewelry stores are very popular, and gold jewelry such as bracelets, rings and necklaces are especially popular. Now the price of gold is much cheaper, and some aunts are buying gold again. A staff member of a brand franchise store said that the price of gold plummeted on the 21st, and many people came to buy gold the next day, but there was no such thing as a frantic grab for gold the last time the price of gold fell. At the ongoing (Guangzhou) International Financial Exchange Expo, the gold product exhibition area is very lively. In the booth of Guangdong Gold Company, gold jewelry and investment gold bars are popular. There are many consumers who come to consult and buy gold, and the staff are busy issuing orders. Zhang Xiu, who was hanging around in front of the gold counter, told reporters that I wanted to wait and see and plan to buy some jewelry for my child to keep for the wedding. She is relatively calm about the fluctuations in the gold market. I buy gold for my own use. Zhen Yonghong, the person in charge of Guangdong Yuebao Gold Investment Company, said that ordinary consumers in Guangzhou have extraordinary feelings for gold, and they are very fond of buying gold to maintain its value. However, in the face of the sharp drop in gold prices, consumers are obviously a lot cautious. He Weifeng, a senior analyst at the Guangdong South Gold Market Research Institute, said that due to the massive release of consumer demand before, the current gold purchase craze for Guangzhou aunts has diminished, and there are many investors who have been paying attention to and investing in gold at this moment. . He reminded investors to be cautious and especially do a good job in capital management. media_span_url('chinanews/fortune/2013/06-23/4959299.shtml')