Cryptocurrency stock gold

Cryptocurrency stock gold

While continuously forging ahead, the Exchange will strive to ensure that in the process of continuous optimization of the new trading model, it must not only ensure compliance with the requirements of the regulatory authorities, but also fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of members and customers. New transactions The model will continue to maintain the advantages of the existing trading mechanism to meet the customer's trading habits and preferences, to ensCryptocurrency stock goldure the active level of transactions and on this basis to ensure the rights and interests of members.

I came to Shuibei shop as a manager in May last year, and I feel that this year’s business is not comparable to last year. Mr. Chen, the manager of a gold jewellery wholesale and retail business located on Shuibei 2nd Road, told the Securities News reporter that since December, gold consumption has been much better than November. The gap between this year and last year is very obvious. It is at least 30% lower than last year.

In an interview with a reporter from the Securities Daily, Zhang Wei of Zhuochuang Information and Metal Research Institute said that the increase in gold prices has little to do with the physical consumption of gold during the festival. During the double festival, the consumption of gold in kind was not as hot as expected. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the sales volume was fair, and during the National Day, the majority of people traveled, and due to carrying and safety considerations, the performance of physical gold consumption in the Mainland was mediocre.

As the function of jewelry itself, such as weddings, wedding peaks, gifts, festivals and holidays, all have promoted the increase in gold demand. The second factor is price. Like buying clothes, consumers will buy a few more items during the sale season. For consumers who pay attention to the functional consumption of gold jewellery, these two factors will decide him to buy gold.

In order to attract popularity during the off-season of gold consumption, many merchants have put out promotional cards. Some brands claimed that the purchase of gold will be reduced by 20 yuan per gram, and some have introduced discounts for free manual fees for buying gold. A salesperson of a domestic brand told reporters, The manual fee per gram of gold ranges from ten yuan to twenty or thirty yuan. Calculated based on yesterday’s gold price, buying a piece of gold jewelry with a total price of three to five thousand yuan would be equivalent to a 10% discount to 5% off. Some merchants believe that if gold continues to run at a low level, it will soon usher in a small peak in sales. According to traditional practices, Xiamen's gold market will usher in a peak consumption season before the Lunar New Year.

Therefore, Zijin Mining is trying to increase its overseas expansion. In the first half of 2013 alone, the company made three overseas acquisitions: On March 19, Zijin Mining signed a joint venture agreement with Canadian company Sprott Inc. and American Modern Resources Investment Management Group to establish a joint venture offshore mining fund with a scale oCryptocurrency stock goldf 500 million US dollars; On April 17, the company’s holding subsidiary Norton Golden Field acquired all the issued shares of another Australian listed company Kalgoorlie Mining for A$14.93 million; on April 30, it also spent A$20 million to subscribe for the convertible shares of South Africa Platinum Group Metals. Bonds.

Chinese Commercial Daily News (Reporter Xie Chen and intern Zheng Luyao) At 341 yuan per gram, gold has risen slightly. Yesterday afternoon, on the first floor of Hangzhou Department Store, a young couple pushed a stroller and parked in front of the old Fengxiang gold counter. The new mother said that they planned to pick a gold bracelet for the baby in the past two days. Decrease, as a result, each gram has increased more than the day before

The titles of precious metal jewelry such as Thousand Pure Gold, which are familiar to the common people, may become a thing of the past. In the future, these products sold in the market will be replaced by Pure Gold titles. It is understood that the National Jewelry Standards Technical Committee has passed the amendment to the compulsory national standard "Regulations and naming methods for the purity of precious metals in jewelry", and the new national standard after the amendment will exclude a thousand pure gold (silver, silver,