Gold trading news

Gold trading news

According to statistics from Puyi Wealth, as of yesterday,Gold trading news there were 35 gold-linked wealth management products among wealth management products maturing in July, all of which were structured products. Among the products that have announced the yield to maturity, only one has reached the highest expected return and is the Golden Key Ruyi Portfolio 2015 Issue 4 of the Agricultural Bank of China's bearish gold renminbi wealth management product.

To ensure the safety of investors’ transactions, the price and market conditions of the Tianjin Precious Metals Exchange’s trading system cannot be subject to any manual intervention from the development framework. At the same time, the entire transaction system is a closed system, and no unauthorized third-party system is allowed to access it to ensure the absolute security of the system. In addition, the independent third-party data security mechanism also guarantees the authenticity and reliability of data traceability.

Secondly, in terms of market sentiment, the gradual fading of risk aversion is obviously another incentive for gold's plunge. First, the previous round of gold rally is closely related to the situation in Ukraine. As the situation in Ukraine gradually stabilized, the risk aversion induced by geopolitics gradually faded. Second, the position data including the position report released by the CFTC shows that the market’s previous bullish sentiment is fading, and the previous large number of long orders has not pushed the market to a satisfactory position, which is needed when closing positions. The empty list is a sharp sword to kill down the market. Third, large institutions' bearishness on the gold market outlook has also caused a certain panic in the market. Investment banks including Goldman Sachs have all opened up. Needless to say, the world's largest gold ETF, SPDRGoldTrust, has only had a pitiful 4 since entering April. The increase in positions for the second time, the reduction of holdings has reached 17 times, and the sentiment of the precious metals market outlook is very obvious.

Since the investment amount is fixed each time, the actual number of grams of gold purchased varies with the fluctuation of the gold price. Buy less when the price of gold is high, and buy more when the price of gold is low, so that investors can enjoy the convenience of zero deposit and lump sum withdrawal of gold and share the appreciation of gold feast. The agreement can be terminated at any time, and the accumulation plan can be withdrawn in the next month; it can also be changed at any time, and the new accumulation plan can be implemented in the following month.

On Wednesday (November 12) before the New York market, spot gold rebounded slightly above the opening price for trading. The intraday gold price has limited amplitude, basically maintaining a shock between 1160-1170 US dollars per ounce. As there is no important data to be released in the evening, gold will continue to range from fluctuations in order. The strong support below is between 1140 and 1150 US dollars per ounce, and the upper resistance is at 1180 US dollars per ounce.

Due to the two data supporting the expected economic improvemeGold trading newsnt, the gold market has a selling frenzy. COMEX's most active and main December gold futures contract volume reached 3,1945 lots, valued at more than 3.8 billion in the 8 minutes from 21:23-21:30. Selling in US dollars caused spot gold to plummet by US$18 in the short-term, setting a new low since February 14.

In the face of the restructuring plan announced by Shandong Gold (600547, closing price 28.77 yuan) on June 29 (last Saturday), most investors not only did not expect the stock price to rise, but were worried about the trend after the resumption of trading, because of the scale The astonishing plan faces the heavy pressure of high-premium acquisitions and the decline in stocks and gold prices during trading suspension. Regrettably, the market's worries have become a reality, reporter of "Daily Economic News"