Short gold futures

Short gold futures

Under this circumstance, we said that during this period of time, gold has not risen and fallen, and it has fallen. In fact, the fall has made everyone think, is our previous understanding of gold correct? For example, some people say that gold has investment value in the long run. But let me give you an example. From 1980 to the present, gold certainly has not escaped inflation, and from 1980 to the present, then the value in 1980 was released. It should be more than 3,000 US dollars by now, and our entire gold is only more than 1,000 US dollars, which is equivShort gold futuresalent to a great depreciation. Another, from the perspective of many investment products, such as stocks, other metals and gold, the trend of gold is the worst.

A series of unfavorable news followed. After Deutsche Bank announced its withdrawal from the fixing mechanism on May 12, there are currently only four market makers participating in the London gold fixing price mechanism: Barclays Bank, Scotia Bank, HSBC and Societe Generale, twice a day in the morning and evening. , The representatives of these banks and some selected customers held a conference call to discuss and determine the spot gold fixing price based on the gold supply, demand and quotation.

It will be effective from 4 a.m. on July 8, 2013. Due to the large adjustment of the account gold business spread parameter, please understand and make reference to the decision of existing account gold business customers. In view of the regional differences in the quotation spread of this business, please consult the local branch account manager and relevant business personnel of our bank for the details of the adjusted bid-ask spread. According to the official website announcement last weekend, the Nikko Big Bank raised the USD-denominated handling fee for account gold (paper gold), that is, the bid-ask spread; in Guangzhou, the price adjustment may be more than 25% . The explanation of the Everbright Bank's wealth management manager is: to deal with the systemic risks caused by the collapse of international gold prices, and to reduce the possible profit loss of the bank. Doubt: The system quotation was raised by 25%. The service hotline replied unknowingly about the adjustment of Everbright Bank. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter asked the wealth management managers and front desk personnel of several Everbright Banks in the central city. They basically did not know the adjustment, but no one denied it. The reporter borrowed a friend's account and entered the online operating system of Everbright Bank and found that the spread of its gold account was indeed increased: at 16:41 yesterday afternoon, its (bank) buying price was quoted at US$1224.267 per ounce, but it was sold. The price is quoted at US$1228.916 per ounce, and the price difference between them is as high as US$4.5 per ounce, which is at least 25 higher than that of Everbright Bank, which was only 2.5~3.5 US dollars before (the spread of a bank will fluctuate according to the passage of time). %. In view of the increase in the handling fee, investors said: In the future, they will reduce the operation of account gold and concentrate on T+D products. Reason: In order to combat the risk of volatility, the bank raised the spread. The reporter interviewed a number of wealth management managers of Everbright Bank in central Guangzhou. They believed that the recent strong volatility of international gold prices poses a certain risk to the fairness of bank-related business quotations. High bid-ask spreads to combat volatility risks, while safeguarding the bank's own interests. The reporter learned that whether it is the account gold of the Everbright Bank or the paper gold of the bank, the implementation of the market maker system is worthy of the name: the bank is the market maker and uses a large amount of funds to trade in reverse with the majority of retail investors; positions that cannot be cleared will The bank took it to the gold exchange and the international market to clean up. In 2013, the international gold price continued to plummet, which has had a great impact on the banking business that is used to long or can only do long paper gold, paper and silver. The reporter learned that due to technical equipment problems, the paper gold trading system of most banks in the Mainland, although it claims to be quoted every second, in fact, most price changes are completed within 5-20 seconds, or even longer. In the face of the international gold price plummet, banks took the approach of increasing spreads to reduce risks. Industry: Expanding the spread may not last long. However, for the adjustment behavior of Everbright Bank, the account managers of other banks watched indifferently and believed that it would not last long. The reporter asked the Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and China Construction Bank to promote the paper gold business on Monday. They said that there is no move or plan to increase the handling fee in the near future. The wealth management manager of a bank branch on Zhongshan 4th Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou believes that the precious metals business will gradually replace the original insurance business and become a new profit growth point; it is too late for major banks to fight for, retain old customers, and develop new customers. Why should they improve procedures? Does the fee come from the shackles? It is expected that the so-called increase in handling fees is a stopgap measure in the face of the sharp fall in the price of gold, and there is a suspicion of grandstanding. The head of a branch of a bank on Binjiang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou believes that their bank is also considering lowering the handling fee to attract more precious metal investors; reducing the handling fee is not an option, and the fee price war may not be far away. There is still room for gold prices to fall. On Monday in Asian and European markets, international gold prices maintained a trend of weak market shocks and rebounded slightly. In the evening, they reached the position of $1231 per ounce. The price of silver temporarily crossed the $19 mark, leaving the overall weak trend unchanged. . Due to the good non-agricultural data in the United States, the market generally expects that the Fed's bond purchases will be reduced, which will increase the value of the U.S. dollar and hit the trend of gold prices. In the next two weeks, Bernanke will speak again, and there will still be a series of US economic data to be released. If the fact that the US economy continues to pick up is confirmed, the price of gold will further break down. Suppressed by the plunge in the price of gold, the silver upward channel was frustrated again, and the disk showed a negative decline. The rebound trend of silver expected by institutions last week did not appear. At present, soaring oil prices and tense international geopolitical relations have not promoted the gold and silver market; the Federal Reserve's monetary policy has become the core or even the only factor guiding the price of precious metals, and will dominate the market in the next six months. Technical indicators have weakened, bears have soared, and buying strength is insufficient. Investors are advised to wait and see and operate less. If it plunges again, they can buy bottoms. (Gold leaf jewelry Diao Weihua) Author: gold leaf jewelry Diao Weihua (Source: Guangzhou Daily) media_span_url ( 'gzdaily.dayoo / html / 2013-07 / 09 / content_2312611.htm')

The so-called black platform means that the operating platform is not connected to the global market. Client funds are operated inside the black platform company. The company manipulates the software to change the back-end data of the exchange, including illegal acts such as financial management on behalf of customers and impersonation of members. Cause losses to investors’ assets.

Facts have proved that the rebound before the end of the transaction on March 27 saved Wall Street brokers such as Becky, who took advantage of the rebound and threw a large number of silver contracts to effectively control losses. However, in addition to owing the broker's deposit, the Hunter family also borrowed 800 million to 1 billion US dollars from banks and metal dealers. Now Nelson Hunter can't make up that much money even if he sells iron. By selling the crude oil, gasoline and other inventories on hand, the Hunter family finally collected a sum of money; plus the silver futures that were thrown out on the market, the total value was about 400 million U.S. dollars, but the borrowings were still unable to be repaid.

Shi changed the method of expressing the purity of gold jewellery, and various gold jewellery brands launched preferential activities to make gold jewellery sales soar. According to industry insiders, wedding demand has supported the price of gold jewellery. Coupled with the rise in gold prices, gold jewellery is still likely to rise in the next month. The current investment gold price trend is close to the previous gold price, and investors from allShort gold futures walks of life may increase their investment while unwinding.

It is reported that the processing fee of multilateral Jindu's investment gold bar products is also half lower than the market price. Most merchants in the market generally need to add 8-20 yuan/gram labor fee for investment funds, while multilateral gold capital investment funds of AU9999 products above 10g only need to add 6 yuan/gram labor costs, and AU999 investment funds above 10g only need to be added. 4 yuan per gram of labor cost, such a low labor cost, in the eyes of the industry, is equivalent to losing money and earning praise.