Gold futures market

Gold futures market

According to data from the "Gold Demand TreGold futures marketnd Report" for the first quarter of 2016 released by the World Gold Council on the 12th, global gold demand reached 1,290 tons in the first quarter, up 21% year-on-year, making it the second-highest quarter in history.

Therefore, most analysts expect that this round of gold and silver price rebound will have the effect of increasing reserves, but its sensitivity to gold and silver prices is extremely high. They believe that when gold and silver continue to rise to reach a gap in space, the motivation to continue to pursue gold and silver will weaken. Therefore, investors should guard against the failure of the continued upward momentum of gold and silver, which may trigger a sharp technical correction, and the rebound of the dollar will strengthen the possibility of its fall.

The price of pure gold including labor costs is less than 300 yuan per gram, and the possibility of short-term rise is small. You can wait for the bottom to wait for the real-time trend of the gold price on the electronic screen (Reporter Wang Jing, trainee reporter Yu Jingjing) , I bought several gold jewelry that I like this holiday. In the past Golden Week, the international gold price once fell below the $1200 per ounce mark, a record of 56 months.

In fact, a large number of such cases exist, but the problem is that you cannot produce evidence. These companies simply cannot leave such evidence to you, which is why a large number of such cases have lost. Hao Dahai said that if investors are sued for fraud, they will basically not win the lawsuit. The way to win the lawsuit now is to identify'illegal futures'.

Bank of Mongolia (BoM) increased its holdings of gold by a total of 13 tons in 2014, twice the amount in 2013. Earlier in 2005, the Bank of Mongolia received 25 tons of gold from citizens and companies, but it has since dropped to 6 tons in 2006. After that, the amount of gold held by the Bank of Mongolia continued to decrease until 2013. In 2013, as the Mongolian government lowered the gold mining concession fee from 10% to 2.5%, the amount of gold holdings of Mongolian banks increased. In 2014, Mongolian Bank exported about 11 tons of gold to increase foreign exchange reserves. In the 2015 budget of the Mongolian government, it was expected to export 31.3 tons of gold, but it was adjusted to 29.5 tons since then. media_span_url('')

The aunt lost 4.2 billion in gold grabbing for a year. The industry said this year's gold bull market is difficult to come. In mid-April 2013, the international gold price plunged by nearly 15% to 1,321 US dollars per ounce in two trading days. The reporter's statistics found that since April 12, 2013, international gold prices have fallen by US$173 per ounce, while the price of pure gold has fallen by 69 yuan per gram. If calculated on the basis of the total domestic gold sales of 100 tons in April 2013, the total loss of gold purchased that month has so far reached 4.2 billion. Industry analysts believe that due to the impact of US economic data, international gold prices will remain weak this year, and it is difficult for the gold bull market to come. Visiting the Institute of Gold Investors to analyze non-agricultural data plus handling fees, there are still more than 2,000 incurred. The reporter met the citizen Liu Aunt in a shopping mall. She bought 100 grams of investment gold bars at a price of 275 yuan per gram on April 18 last year. She thought she would make a profit after the plunge. Who knows that the current gold price is lower than then . Aunt Liu said that after a year of waiting, she is no longer in a hurry to make a move, and she will just leave it at home. It is always gold bullion, so she won't be worthless. In the future, you will make a profit. It doesn't matter if you don't. You should buy gold jewelry. According to the person in charge of this mall, retail investors buy investment gold bars in this mall mostly between 100g and 200g, and even 500g gold bars are rare. Therefore, it is relatively rare to have anxious shots. The person in charge told reporters that the price of gold fluctuated for a long time, and many investors were forced to learn about gold investment. Now most investors know that the price of gold will rise when the war is fighting, and the price of gold will fall when the U.S. economy improves. The above-mentioned person in charge said that when several investors came to our store, they often talked to other investors about non-agricultural data. The first anniversary of the data plunge, domestic sales of 1,000 tons of gold local time April 12, 2013, the price of gold in New York plummeted nearly 5%; on April 15, the international gold price plummeted again by US$153 to US$1321 per ounce, a drop of 9.27%, hitting 30 The biggest decline in a single day in the pasGold futures markett year. Affected by this, there has been a wave of gold grabs all over the country. After experiencing the plunge, many investors thought that the price of gold would rise steadily from now on. However, in mid-to-late June and late December 2013, international gold prices once again experienced a high-altitude dive, and once fell below the $1,200/ounce mark. However, the continued downturn in gold prices has not prevented the increase in gold trading volume. According to the latest data released by the Gold Association in February, consumers purchased about 1,176 tons of gold in 2013, an increase of 41% year-on-year. In the first quarter of 2014, gold demand was about 250 tons, a year-on-year decrease of about 17%. Excluding 320 tons of sales in the first quarter of 2013, from April last year to the end of March this year, gold sales were about 1,106 tons. Analysis of the hindrance of the rise in gold prices can choose to buy and sell in batches. Regarding the trend of gold prices this year, the general manager of a gold store believes that the international gold price is greatly affected by the US economic data. Judging from the current US economic performance, its economy continues to strengthen and gradually Exiting the quantitative easing policy is a high probability event. To a certain extent, this will bring resistance to rising gold prices. For consumers who have plans to invest in gold, he suggests that they still choose the strategy of buying and selling in batches to share the risk. Judging from the sales situation this year, consumers are indeed more rational in buying gold. The above-mentioned general manager said that in the traditional gold sales season such as the Spring Festival, the sales of jewelry gold increased significantly; while the sales of investment gold bars during the same period were relatively flat. After the Spring Festival, when the price of gold began to rebound sharply, investors began to enter the market, but there were no large sums of hundreds of thousands of dollars at all. Instead, there were many small-amount investors.

While continuously forging ahead, the Exchange will strive to ensure that in the process of continuous optimization of the new trading model, it must not only ensure compliance with the requirements of the regulatory authorities, but also fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of members and customers. New transactions The model will continue to maintain the advantages of the existing trading mechanism to meet the customer's trading habits and preferences, to ensure the active level of transactions and on this basis to ensure the rights and interests of members.

Relevant information shows that the so-called Jinding Group, or Jinding Investment Holdings Co., Ltd., is headquartered. It claims to be a leader in the field of asset management and investment consulting in the gold market. Its precious metals investment business segment has platforms such as the Northeast Asian Precious Metals Exchange, Tianjin Jinding Shengshi Precious Metals Management Co., Ltd., and Jintai Information Information Co., Ltd. (169gold).

Affected by the recent decline in gold prices, domestic gold stores have recently lowered their prices for the 10th time this year. (Data picture) Information Times (Reporter Xu Lan) The price of gold has fallen again! Affected by factors such as the continued rise of the U.S. dollar and the expected alleviation of the US fiscal deadlock, the already weak international gold price was once again under pressure. The international gold price fell sharply by 2.2% last Friday and returned to the level of Qian'er, and hit a low point in nearly three months. The industry generally expects that the fluctuation of gold prices during the year will continue, and the downward fluctuation of the gold market in the next one or two years will also become the main tone. Gold stores uniformly lowered the price of gold in the first half of this year, and the international gold price continued to fall and broke through US$1,200 per ounce at the end of June. International gold prices subsequently rebounded. In August, the price of gold struggled to climb above US$1,430 per ounce. However, in less than a month, the international gold price slipped back to the level of Qian'er. Last Friday, the most active December gold futures price on the New York Mercantile Exchange gold futures market closed at US$1268.2 per ounce, a decrease of US$28.7 compared to the previous trading day, a decrease of approximately 2.2%, a record since July 10. The lowest settlement price since. Last week, the price of gold in New York fell by 3.2%. Affected by the recent decline in the price of gold, domestic gold stores uniformly lowered the price of gold on the 10th of this month. This is also the 10th price cut this year. Among them, one thousand pure gold was reduced from 335 yuan per gram to 329 yuan, pure gold was reduced from 332 yuan per gram to 325 yuan, and platinum jewelry was reduced by 10 yuan per gram. Prices continued to fall for the next two days. An Information Times reporter saw in Guangbai yesterday that the current real-time gold price of investment gold is 255.5 yuan/g (excluding handling fees), which is 5.5 yuan/g lower than the 261 yuan/g on October 7; jewelry gold is 303 yuan/ Grams, which is 6 yuan/g lower than the price of 309 yuan/g on the 7th. In major domestic counters, the price of gold has also been lowered in varying degrees. For example, the price of Chow Tai Fook Thousand Pure Gold Jewelry is 326 yuan/g (excluding labor costs, the same below), the price of pure gold jewelry is 325 yuan/gram excluding labor costs, and the price of gold bars is 315 yuan/g (no labor costs, the same below) ). Auntie may be difficult to solve the set during the year. Fortunately, I sold the gold on my hand in the first half of the year! Investor Mr. Guo seemed to be grateful for this strange trend of gold. Mr. Guo told the Information Times reporter that the investment gold bars he bought at 220 yuan per gram four years ago were sold for 300 yuan in the first half of this year, and he made only about 100,000 yuan after investing more than 400,000 yuan. Market participants generally believe that the direct cause of the decline in gold prices is the ice-breaking signal of the US fiscal impasse. U.S. President Barack Obama and House Republicans ended their whistleblowing on the 10th and negotiated at the White House on a short-term increase in the debt ceiling. Although no consensus was reached in the end, the two sides agreed to continue negotiations and strive to break the deadlock. Compared with the pessimism of investors, the aunts continue to be enthusiastic. According to media reports, during the National Day Golden Week this year, supported by lower gold prices, wedding demand and the real estate boom, the retail sales of gold, silver and jewellery grew by 32.8% year-on-year. Some counters are still continuing the National Day activities, with a discount of 20 yuan per gram. It is a good deal to buy now. But I am a little hesitant now, maybe it will fall in two days? In front of the Guangbai Gold counter, citizen Ms. Wang told the Information Times reporter. In mid-April this year, the international gold price dropped from US$1550/ounce (about RMB 307/g) to US$1321/ounce (about RMB 261/g), and the aunt became famous for her crazy gold grab. According to reporter statistics, the price of gold has fallen by 24% so far this year. Now that the price of gold is falling, is it the right time for the aunts to make a move? Liu Xinliang, a precious metals analyst at a major state-owned bank, said in an interview with a reporter from Information Times that at present, it is the U.S. economy that has the greatest impact on gold prices. Recently, market concerns have increased significantly, the U.S. government shutdown, and whether the U.S. debt ceiling can be adjusted are all investments. The focus of attention. The fluctuations in the price of gold this year are closely related to the economic policy of the United States. Once there are favorable policies and events for the US economy, the price of gold will decline; and if there are negative events that affect the development of the US economy, the price of gold will rise again. There are many factors affecting the price of gold in the fourth quarter of this year. The main fluctuation range of the price of gold during the year may be between 1,100 and 1,400 US dollars. In the short term, the price of gold may continue to be in such a downturn before the official results of the U.S. debt negotiations or the U.S. government opens its doors, especially as the negotiations between the two parties proceed smoothly, gold is facing great selling pressure. High short will be the short-term thinking in the near future. In addition, Morgan Stanley predicts that the average price of gold next year is only $1313 per ounce, and market participants even predict that gold may fall to around $1100 per ounce within the year.