Gold trading unit crossword

Gold trading unit crossword

Near the end of the month, the international gold price suffered another heavy setback. As of yesterday, the cumulative decline in international gold prices this year has exceeded 25%. Especially since last week, the price of gold has continued to fall, with a cumulative decline of nearly 4%, which is the lowest point in four months and a record of nearly three Gold trading unit crosswordmonths. The biggest weekly drop. Affected by the downward drop in the international gold price, the price of gold jewelry has also been falling.

According to Ye Bin, similar to gold investment, diamond investors mainly earn the difference between the buying and selling price of loose diamonds, but in the calculation of actual income, they also need to subtract the 10% handling fee paid at the time of purchase and 5% paid at the time of repurchase. Handling fee. In other words, to invest in diamonds, you must wait until the diamonds rise by 15% before you can pay back. I already lost 15% when I bought it. The cost is indeed a bit high. An investor told a reporter from Chinese Commercial Daily.

Data show that in 2015, the scale of transactions on the Gold Exchange continued to grow substantially. Among them, the total transaction of gold was 34,100 tons, a year-on-year increase of 89.6%. Individual investors' enthusiasm for participating in gold trading continued to rise. As of the end of 2015, there were 8,614,800 individual investors on the Gold Exchange, a year-on-year increase of 13.86%. It is worth noting that the number of new retail investors accounted for 63.2% of the total retail investors. Among the personal gold trading volume, the deferred contract trading volume was 3,792.45 tons, and the market accounted for 26.02%, an increase of 52.72% year-on-year.

It is reported that in the past period of time, when some commercial banks issued structured financial products linked to gold, they generally issued both bullish and bearish options for investors. However, the reporter found that, unlike in the past, some commercial banks seem to have become more determined about the trend of gold recently. For example, China Merchants Bank, which has issued two products in the same period, one down and one up, has been issuing structured wealth management products linked to gold since April this year, and it is almost impossible to find a bullish product. According to incomplete statistics, in the second quarter of this year, the issuance of gold-type structured bank wealth management products reached 61. Among them, 58 are bearish products, most of which are guaranteed floating returns, and the investment period is mostly 2 to 3 months.

China News Service, Zhengzhou, December 10 (Shi Honglei) Except for individual brands of pure gold jewelry that sell for 265 yuan per gram, the rest are all at a unified price of 268 yuan per gram... On December 10th, in Zhengzhou, Henan In the Central Plains Jewelry City, twos and threes of customers are calmly choosing jewelry, and the ultra-low gold price that has lasted for two or three days has not triggered a gold rush. Ma Xiao, Senior Gold Analyst, Zhengzhou Branch of Industrial Bank

On Wednesday, due to strong U.S. data released within the day, supporting expectations for interest rate hikes, the U.S. dollar rose to a 13-and-a-half-year high. Spot gold plunged. The price of gold plummeted and fell below the key support level of $1,200. USD 1,185.20. Unfavorable factors pervaded the market on Wednesday. First, the number of jobless applications announced that week was 251,000, still at a 43-year low; the monthly rate of durable goods orders in the United States surged 4.8% in October, far exceeding expectations. The strength of the data provided strong evidence for the interest rate hike in December. At the same time, the minutes of the Fed meeting in November announced on the same day showed that the committee members generally agreed that the momentum for interest rate hikes was increasing. Most committee members believed that the relatively quick time to raise interest rates was appropriate. Some members believed that the interest rate hike should be carried out in December. Maintain the credit of the Federal Reserve. The summary shows that the committee members did not have much objection to the interest rate hike in December. It can be said that the rate hike in December is almost a certainty. In such an expected atmosphere before the interest rate meeting, the collective sinking of gold and non-US currencies is inevitable. However, the key point in the future will depend on whether the Fed’s interest rate hike is continuous or intermittent. If the interest rate hike is continuous and continuous, the future path of gold may not be bullish, even if some uncertain political risk factors occur, it will support gold. It can only be short-lived aGold trading unit crosswordnd limited. On the weekly level chart, gold has retraced the 50% Fibonacci water level (1045~1375.15), and it is likely to continue to approach the 1172 at the 61.8% retracement line. If the support is not guaranteed, 1150 will also fall below In view. Investors who are waiting for bottom hunters are not eager to enter the market, at least not before the Fed's interest rate meeting in December to make operational arrangements for buying more. It seems more appropriate to continue the short rallies. Even if you want to buy the bottom, it is appropriate to set it at a lower water level (1170 ~ 1150). After the conference, the negative release is complete and the market rebounds. Wang Gang media_span_url('epaper.xxsb/showNews/2016-11-25/348005')

The price trend of a well-known domestic brand gold bar also confirms the trend of domestic spot gold prices from the side. According to the staff, the two price lows of the brand's gold bars during the year appeared for the first time on April 18, and the price was linearly reduced from the previous 376 yuan/gram to 351 yuan/gram. The second time was on June 28. The price of gold bars was reduced from the previous 350 yuan/gram to 315 yuan/gram. The third low point in the year was 307 yuan/gram on November 22.