gc gold futures

gc gold futures

Xu Yaxin said that if India wants to control the fate of its precious metals market, then it must hold the throat of fate-pricing power. In order to achieve this goal, in addition to expanding and strengthening the domestic market, it is still necessary to bring in and go out. Among them, for example, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and banks actively compete for the pricing seat of the London Bullion Margc gold futuresket Association is a very typical strategy of going out. The introduction of overseas capital (international board) and investors is now implementing the strategy of introducing foreign capital.

In JameelAhmad's view, the short-term cautiousness is not unreasonable. Although the gold holdings of the world's largest gold ETFSPDRGold fell to 932.22 tons on September 15th, a record low since June this year, the currency fund gold net long is the most sensitive to changes in European and American monetary policies. The position is still close to 279,000 lots, hovering near the all-time high set in early July. This means that a large number of money fund managers are still betting that the Fed will not raise interest rates in the short term.

Zheng Kai believes that from the perspective of buying physical gold, the realisability of physical gold is relatively weak. If it is only the consumption of gold jewellery, it is best to buy and hold at the low point of the stage, and there is no need to consider the fluctuation of gold price too much. Sex. The purchase of physical gold, especially jewelry gold, mainly considers its own needs.

Xinhuanet, March 25 (Reporters Du Fang, Huang Pengfei) my country is the world's largest gold producer and consumer, and gold investment is considered one of the lowest risk traditional financial management methods. However, a few days ago, in a case of illegal gold operation jointly investigated by the securities regulatory authorities in many places, a precious metals exchange that violated laws and regulations in terms of operating qualifications and investment methods has exposed nearly 40,000 investors in Fujian, Hebei, Hebei and other places. A situation of almost no return.

While continuously forging ahead, the Exchange will strive to ensure that in the process of continuous optimization of the new trading model, it must not only ensure compliance with the requirements of the regulatory authorities, but also fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of members and customers. New transactions The model will continue to maintain the advantages of the existing trading mechanism to meet the customer's trading habits and preferences, to ensure the active level of transactions and on this basis to ensure the rights and interests of members.

Secondly, although there are no indicators such as PE value to measure price levels in the bulk commodity market, the PE value itself is the manifestation of macro policies, financial environment and market expectations in stock prices, and the same commodity prices are also affected by these factors. influences. Thegc gold futuresrefore, the Davis double-click and double-kill effects of commodities can be expressed as P=PExpectationĂ—PIntrinsicValue.

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