Gold price per ounce in the U.S. today

Gold price per ounce in the U.S. today

Suddenly they lost more than 2 million yuan, and they began to look around for a remedy. Later, XGold price per ounce in the U.S. todayiaoyan bought a new platform that can be used for plug-ins. On this platform, there is a delayed transaction function. When customers buy and sell, this function can use the time difference to choose the highest point to buy and the lowest point to sell, so that customers can make less and lose more.

The Fed’s policy statement does not imply that it will begin to reduce the scale of debt purchases in the short term, because the US economic recovery still needs support. The good data has led the market to predict that the Fed will begin to reduce the scale of stimulus later this year. The U.S. stock market rose more than 1% to suppress the attractiveness of gold as a hedge investment. The S&P 500 index rose to a historical high above 1700 points, and the rise in bond yields also weighed on the price of gold. The US manufacturing activity index rose to a two-year high in July, and the number of people applying for unemployment benefits fell to a five-and-a-half-year low at the beginning of last week. These data support the view that US economic growth will accelerate in the second half of this year.

In the European market, due to increasing uncertainties in the economic growth prospects of emerging markets, turbulence in financial markets and commodity markets, and geopolitical risks, the European Central Bank’s previous outlook faces increased downside risks. The latest data shows that from the beginning of 2016 to the present, under the impact of a series of negative factors, the economic data of the euro zone has been weak, the recovery trend has been repeated, and the uncertainty of economic growth has also affected market confidence. Therefore, the European Central Bank may continue to take more aggressive measures to boost the economy. President Draghi also said that the current level of inflation in the Eurozone is weaker than expected, inflation expectations are declining, and wage growth is relatively weak, suggesting that stimulus policies may increase. On the whole, the fundamentals of the Eurozone economy are not optimistic. Although supported by easing policies in the short-term, the marginal effect has diminished and the medium- and long-term upside is still limited.

Some people in the industry believe that this is not easy. After all, overseas sellers mainly charge U.S. dollars for gold transactions, and they are naturally more inclined to adjust the premium on the basis of the London gold benchmark price denominated in U.S. dollars to conduct gold transactions. This means that in order for European and American sellers to accept gold for gold transactions, they must first be willing to accept the RMB as the settlement currency for gold transactions, which requires the cooperation of relevant measures for RMB internationalization.

Based on this calculation, the investor’s annualized return is only 3.6% when he holds it for one year, the investment cost is as high as 110,000 yuan, and the price of diamonds rises 20%. This income is not only lower than the price of Yu'ebao currently on the market, but not much different from the one-year fixed deposit that has risen to the top. Not to mention the comparison with bank financing and the recent hot stock market prices. A senior analyst in the financial industry said.

It is worth noting that Boshi Gold ETF has 3 types of shares. In addition to the 159937 that can be traded in the secondary market, you can also choose D (000929) and I (000930). Among them, D shares can be directly in the Boshi Fund’s Purchase and redemption on the official websiteGold price per ounce in the U.S. today, while the I-type share, which is the Jinbao deposit, can be purchased and redeemed through the Alipay PC terminal and the Antjubao mobile APP. The advantage of this is that there is no purchase and redemption fee, and the threshold is lower. You can subscribe for 1 yuan .

The minutes of the FOMC meeting released at two o'clock in the morning on Thursday show that the Fed believes that uncertainty in the US labor market is increasing, and low financial stability threatens the outlook. Before raising interest rates, we should wait cautiously for more data and Brexit. Fed officials also have big differences on how to raise interest rates, economic outlook, and inflation.

So what is the current precious metal company doing in investor education? With this question, the reporter visited the No. 228 member unit of Tianjin Precious Metal Exchange, Polaroid Runkai Precious Metals Management Co., Ltd. As a new member, Polaroid Runkai made a lot of noise. Recently, Polaroid Runkai launched an Internet silver real offer competition on a well-known portal website in the United Nations. This competition can be said to be a deep fermentation and bold reform of Internet finance in the precious metals field. According to insiders, one of the highlights of the competition is that investor education is the top priority. Wang Wei, general manager of Polaroid Runkai, said that Polaroid Runkai has gathered elites in the industry and specially hired Tan Yaling as the dean of the Precious Metal Research Institute. At the same time, it has gathered many Wall Street trading experts through online and offline channels. Conduct a full range of knowledge popularization and practical training for participating investors, introduction and analysis of domestic and foreign investment markets and products; transaction mentality to wonderful practical cases can be described as everything. We sincerely hope that with this cooperation, we will provide professional training to more investors, grow together with investors, and make the precious metal investment market a cash machine for investors. Professor Tan Yaling said that the cooperation between the well-known portal website and Polaroid Runkai has filled the lack of investor education in the precious metals market, promoted the progress of investor education in the industry, and is of great significance to the healthy development of the entire precious metals industry.

At Boss Wang’s stall, the gold and silver commemorative coins issued at the end of last year for the Year of the Horse zodiac were sold for 3,600 yuan per set in early March. Now they have basically fallen back to around 3,000 yuan, a drop of more than 20%. In addition, the price of newly issued commemorative coins such as the success of the Lunar Moon and the Youth Olympic Games gold and silver coins has also dropped as a whole. Among them, the price of the Emeishan gold and silver commemorative coin set issued on March 21 has fallen from 7,000 yuan at the beginning of the issue to the current 5,000 yuan, a decrease of 20%.