What is gold trading per ounce

What is gold trading per ounce

As long as everyone's views on platinum and gold remain unchanged, price inversion will not be theWhat is gold trading per ounce norm. The reason is simple. When platinum becomes cheaper, more people will give up gold and switch to platinum. Therefore, once there is an upside down, you can consider the strategy of longing platinum and shorting gold. At present, the price difference between spot platinum and gold is positive 18 dollars per ounce. On October 16, there was -1.3 US dollars per ounce. If estimated based on the fact that the price difference between platinum and gold returns to more than US$100 per ounce after one year, using paper platinum with gold (T+D) (9 times leverage), the annualized rate of return can reach 14.4%, which is quite impressive of.

However, overseas mergers and acquisitions are easier said than done. An executive from Zijin Mining, who did not want to be named, pointed out: At present, most of the overseas acquisitions of mining companies have failed. We are also carefully and steadily advancing this matter, but no matter from the internationalization of mining, the theoretical system and practice There is no ready-made way for experience, you need to think about it and experience it slowly.

However, investors must also rationally realize that even if the foreign reserve structure is adjusted to increase the proportion of gold, it will strictly control the actual market price of gold allocation. Since the central bank’s gold reserves have increased in the past few years, most of the primary source of gold is mineral gold. Therefore, even if it allocates gold in the secondary market this time, it will strictly control the price and quantity.

The sharp drop in international gold prices also directly affected the gold and silver commemorative coin market. In the Shenyang postal coin card market, Boss Wang, who has been in business for more than 20 years, said that both gold and silver coins, except for some old fine and rare varieties, have fallen by more than 10%, especially gold with a short issuance time. Silver commemorative coins have fallen by more than 20%, and this period is completely losing money.

The brutal growth of commodity spot exchanges has long attracted the attention of regulators. In July 2012, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Implementation Opinions on the Clean-up and Rectification of Various Trading Places" (ie Guofa Ban No. 37), which clearly pointed out that trading places and their branches violated one of the following regulations , Should be cleaned up and rectified, including the prohibition of centralized trading methods for trading, centralized trading methods include collective auctions, continuous auctions, electronic matching, anonymous transactions, market makers and other transaction methods.

The April US non-agricultural data announced last Friday (May 6) was weak, and the gold market was pushed to rebound sharply, once rebounding to a level above US$1,290 per ounce. However, Societe Generale pointed out that after a sharp rebound, the gold market has made a profit. At the beginning of last week, the price of gold once exceeded the level above $1,300 per ounce, but since then the market profit has made the price of gold fall sharply. Societe Generale said: The previous sharp rise in gold was mainly affected by the weakening of the US dollar, weak US economic data and the sluggish expectations of the Federal Reserve's interest rate hike. In adWhat is gold trading per ouncedition, the US dollar index once hit a 15-month low, and US economic data also performed poorly. In addition, the high gold market, physical demand is still weak. Societe Generale said: currency fluctuations, the risk of Brexit, the Greek debt crisis and the high stock market will continue to make gold more attractive. The bank also pointed out that it is concerned about whether the gold market can maintain its market momentum, especially in the case of profit settlement. Source media_span_url('finance.ce.cn/rolling/201605/09/t20160509_11341727.shtml')

Tuesday (March 29) Fed Chair Yellen’s speech was the focus of the market on that day, and her dovish attitude and cautious attitude towards raising interest rates gave the gold market a boost to the level above $1,240 per ounce. HSBC said that the timing of the Fed's interest rate hike this year will have a critical impact on the gold market. The bank said that if the Fed raises interest rates twice, it will not have much impact on gold prices, because most investors have expected two interest rate hikes, but when to raise interest rates will be an important factor. HSBC said: If the interest rate is raised in April, the price of gold will be affected and lower, and any hint or clue to the interest rate hike in April is bearish for the gold market. The bank believes that the adverse impact of the June rate hike on the gold market will not be so great, and the fluctuation of gold prices will be relatively small. And raising interest rates in June means that the Fed will only raise interest rates twice this year. HSBC said: The direction of the dollar will be very important. If the Federal Reserve delays raising interest rates, it will be detrimental to the dollar and good for gold. Source media_span_url('finance.ce.cn/rolling/201603/31/t20160331_9993199.shtml')